Frequenty Asked Questions

"Jam" is a reference to musician jam sessions, not traffic or spreadable fruit.

The goal is to come together and make a video game based on a common theme.We ask participants to create a game from beginning to end in a prescribed time(maximum of 48 hours).The brief time span is meant to help encourage creative thinking to result in small but innovative and experimental games.

No, it's just for fun.

Yes, there is a theme set by the Global Game Jam organization. It will be announced on the day of the jam.

All levels of experience are welcome. This is not a competition but an opportunity to learn, create, and get to know other people interested in game development.

No, but those who are under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times.


A laptop is preferred, but desktops are okay as well.


You can work on your own or we will do our best to find you a team.


The only expectation is that you do your best to contribute to your team. If you need to leave for parts of the day, that is okay.

The game jam is in the rotunda at Innovation Place at 10 Research Drive.

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